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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin This Winter: Moisturise to keep your skin soft and supple!

It’s no secret that harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, caused by bitter cold temperatures and dry air that deplete its natural moisture. But the right routine and a few key changes to your go-to habits and products can help keep body skin soft, hydrated, and supple. Once your skin is clean and dry, it’s important to moisturise to maintain elasticity and hydration. Moisturising is an important part of your skin care regimen and is a good way to restore moisture that has been lost through exposure to harsh conditions that result in dryness and irritation. Applying moisturiser rehydrates the surface layer of the skin, and helps to seal in water. Read on for our top tips on how to get the best out of your skincare routine!

1. Pick the right product

It may take some trial and error, so be patient. Use a bland, unperfumed moisturiser with a neutral pH so that it doesn’t dry or irritate your skin.

2. Timing is important

If your skin is in normal, healthy condition, moisturising once each day after cleansing is enough to maintain skin health. If your skin is dry, it may be itchy, particularly, if you’re wearing compression garments. Putting the moisture back in may help relieve this issue and be sure to moisturise twice a day for maximum benefit.

3. Be gentle

Remember to wash and dry your hands before applying, and ideally use a pump dispenser. Use a downward motion to avoid blocking hair follicles. Also, apply the product in layers so that it’s absorbed properly into the skin and doesn’t build up a thick surface.

4. Wait a while

If you have any prescribed topical medications for your skin, apply it now. Leave the moisturiser and any medications to soak into the skin before applying your compression garment.

Once you have finished the four step process your skin should feel smooth, silky and supple rather than cracked and chapped!

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