Activa Class 1 Thigh Support Stockings

  • UK Class 1, 14-17mmHg
  • Helps alleviate tired, aching legs and thread veins
  • Please note this is not a hold up and you may need a suspender or body glue

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Activa Class 1 Thigh Support Stockings – Comfortable Support for Your Legs

The Activa Class 1 Thigh Support Stockings are designed to provide comfortable support for individuals who suffer from tired, aching legs or mild swelling. These stockings offer gentle compression to help improve blood flow and reduce swelling, making them ideal for daily wear.


  • Class 1 Compression: The Activa Class 1 Thigh Support Stockings offer Class 1 compression, which provides gentle compression for effective support and relief.
  • Thigh-Length: The stockings are designed to cover the entire thigh, providing targeted support where it is needed most.
  • Comfortable Fit: The stockings are made from soft and breathable materials, providing a comfortable and snug fit that stays in place without slipping or bunching up.
  • Graduated Compression: The compression is graduated, meaning that it is strongest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the thigh, helping to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.
  • Easy to Wear: The stockings are easy to put on and take off, making them convenient for daily use.
  • Easy to Care: The Activa Class 1 Thigh Support Stockings are easy to wash and maintain, ensuring their longevity.

If you suffer from tired, aching legs or mild swelling, the Activa Class 1 Thigh Support Stockings can provide the compression and support you need to manage your symptoms effectively. However, it is important to note that compression hosiery may not be appropriate for everyone. Daylong Direct recommends that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is suitable for you. If so, you will then need to be measured in order to obtain the correct size, which will ensure that the hosiery works correctly and feels comfortable.

Size Guide

Choose a size

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Where to measure?

Circumference measurements in cm for:

  • cA - Thigh - the point on the upper thigh where the stockings would roughly finish
  • cB - Calf -the widest point at the calf
  • cC - Ankle - the narrowest point above the ankle bone

The length measurement is only used for the 'Closed Toe' option, measure in cm for:

  • lD - Foot - length of the foot from heel to toe
Activa Stockings, Liners & Hosiery Kits - Size Chart
Measurement Small Medium Large Extra Large Extra Extra Large
cA 40.5 - 53cm 43 - 55cm 48 - 60.5cm 53 - 66cm - -
cB 30.5 - 37.5cm 33 - 40cm 35.5 - 43cm 38 - 46cm 40 - 49cm
cC 19.5 - 25.5cm 21.5 - 27.5cm 22.5 - 29.5cm 23 - 32cm 23.5 - 34cm
lD* 20.5 - 24cm 23 - 26cm 25.5 - 29.5cm 26.5 - 32.5cm 26.5 - 32.5cm
* only used for 'Closed Toe' option.


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