Lymphoedema Shorts

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  1. Solidea Silver Wave Anti Cellulite Short Shorts
    • Nero
    • Champagne
    • Noisette

    Solidea Silver Wave Anti Cellulite Short Shorts

    • Firm graduated compression - one of the most advanced stockings in the world
    • Short stretch with high stiffness with self supporting top
    • Available in long or short, closed or open toe and in a choice of colours
  2. Solidea Silver Wave Strong Anti Cellulite Shorts
    • Fumo
    • Nero
    • Champagne
    • Noisette

    Solidea Silver Wave Strong Anti Cellulite Shorts

    • Anti-cellulite micro-massaging shorts
    • Bacteriostatic fibre to keep your skin healthy
    • Silver ions to prevent the onset of odours & helps stop the reprodcuction of bacteria
  3. Solidea Silver Wave Fresh Anti Cellulite Shorts
    • Nero
    • Sabbia
    • Noisette

    Solidea Silver Wave Fresh Anti Cellulite Shorts

    • Invisible shapewear - ideal if you have an active or sporty life
    • Body shaping shorts that also massage away the effects of cellulite
    • Fresh, supporting and breathable fabric with silver ions for confidence
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Lymphoedema Shorts: Optimal Support for Lymphatic Health

Experience enhanced comfort and effective management of lymphoedema with our specialized lymphoedema shorts. Designed with utmost expertise, these shorts provide targeted compression and support, promoting lymphatic drainage and alleviating swelling.

Our lymphoedema shorts are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of individuals with lymphoedema. Featuring advanced technology and premium materials, these shorts apply graduated compression to the affected areas, facilitating fluid movement and preventing fluid buildup.

Comfort is paramount, and our lymphoedema shorts deliver on that front. Constructed from soft, breathable fabrics, they ensure all-day comfort while maintaining optimal compression levels. The seamless design minimizes friction and irritation, allowing you to wear them with ease.

Whether you're managing lymphoedema resulting from surgery, injury, or a chronic condition, our shorts provide a versatile solution. Their discreet and stylish design enables you to wear them confidently throughout the day, without drawing unnecessary attention.

Regular use of our lymphoedema shorts offers a wide range of benefits. By improving circulation and reducing swelling, they alleviate discomfort and help minimize the risk of associated complications. With enhanced mobility and flexibility, you can regain control of your daily activities and maintain an active lifestyle.

Prioritize your well-being and take charge of your lymphatic health with our reliable and effective lymphoedema shorts. Order your pair today and experience the optimal support, comfort, and relief you deserve.