Is an inelastic compression device (Wrap) providing 30-40mmHg of gradient compression. The device has highly adjustable straps which allows for a conforming fit and provides support and ensures a firm, secure fit.

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  1. CompreFit Standard Thigh
    • Black

    CompreFit Standard Thigh

    • 30-40mmHg of firm, graduated inelastic compression
    • Easily adjusted for maximum comfort
    • Easy to care for modern neoprene fabric
  2. CompreFit Standard Strap Extender
    • Black

    CompreFit Standard Strap Extender

    • Provides up to 10cm of additional circumferential size range to COMPREFIT leg wraps
    • Detaches easily
  3. CompreFit Standard Below Knee
    • Black

    CompreFit Standard Below Knee

    • 30-40mmHg of firm, graduated inelastic compression
    • Latex free
    • Ideal for day or night time use
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