ReadyWrap compression garments for lymphatic diseases in arms and legs make it easy to achieve clinically effective compression which also offers the support wearers need to manage their condition – not just today, but for life.

Ranges: ActiLymph, ActivaAdore

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Available on FP10
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  1. ReadyWrap Thigh
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Thigh

    • Provides enhanced support from your knee to your groin
    • Overlaps at your knee to help prevent gapping
    • Colour-coded VELCRO® fasteners make them easy to put on and take off
  2. ReadyWrap Knee
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Knee

    • Enhanced compression support, available in black or beige
    • Simple three strap design ensures a comfortable fit
    • Overlaps at your calf and thigh units to help prevent gaps
  3. ReadyWrap Calf
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Calf

    • Robust spine reduces stretch and improves protection
    • Effective in the management of recurrent swelling and ulceration
    • Overlaps on your foot and knee to prevent gaps
  4. ReadyWrap Toes
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Toes

    • Unique design allows for adjustable toe girths
    • Provides full foot coverage when paired with a ReadyWrap foot unit.
    • Left and right specific design provides enhanced contouring
  5. ReadyWrap Arm
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Arm

    • Provides enhanced comfort and support across your arm
    • A double-sewn liner makes it easy to take off and put on with one hand
    • The bilateral design supports the contours in both your left and right arms
  6. ReadyWrap Gauntlet
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Gauntlet

    • The Gauntlet provides enhanced support for your wrist and hand
    • Left and right designs naturally contour your hand
    • Built-in padding for palm and dorsum ensures consistent compression over bony areas
  7. ReadyWrap Extender Strap
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Extender Strap

    • Adds an additional 10 cm to a standard ReadyWrap strap.
    • Y-clamp design helps ensure a secure fit.
    • Compatible with ReadyWrap Calf, Knee and Thigh units.
  8. ReadyWrap Foot Contour
    • Beige
    • Black

    ReadyWrap Foot Contour

    • Easy to use: Simply slip the wrap onto your foot and adjust the straps for a customized fit.
    • Comfortable:Made from soft, breathable materials that won't irritate your skin or cause discomfort.
    • Effective:Designed to provide gentle compression that improves blood flow and reduces swelling in your feet.
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