Skin Protection

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  1. AQUACEL Foam Pro

    AQUACEL Foam Pro

    • 8cm, 10cm, 15cm & 19.8cm come in pack of 10, 20cm come in pack of 5
    • Highly absorbent and capable of managing moderate to highly exuding wounds
    • Unique adhesive border for easy and secure application, conforming to wound shape
  2. Flamigel®


    • 40% Faster healing
    • Suitable for all superficial wounds such as; minor cuts & grazes, superficial burns and sunburn
    • Cools & soothes the pain
    • Reduces the risk of scarring
    • Creates a protective skin barrier
    • Prevents skin breakdown and sore skin
  3. ProShield Plus Skin Protective: 115g Tube

    ProShield Plus Skin Protective: 115g Tube

    • Easy to apply, use and remove
    • Safe and effective for the management of moisture-related skin damage
    • Moisturises and conditions the skinwith a visible, transparent sheen to facilitate monitoring
  4. ProShield Foam & Spray Skin Cleanser: 235ml Tube

    ProShield Foam & Spray Skin Cleanser: 235ml Tube

    • Rinse-free, eliminating the need to scrub delicate tissue
    • Contains glycerine, which may help moisture the skin
    • Gentle, non-irritating formulation
  5. Flamigel® RT

    Flamigel® RT

    • Protects the skin from damage and breakdown due to radiotherapy
    • Will help to soothe pain and reduce redness
    • Non sticky or greasy, fragrance free & easy to apply
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