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As compression stockings are specially designed to apply pressure to your legs – in order to help maintain blood flow and reduce any discomfort or swelling – it also means they can be pretty difficult to put on, this is when application aids offer a helping hand, with gloves giving you a firm grip while reducing the risk of causing a ladder or tear in the hosiery. Sliders are for those with delicate skin, the Sliders minimise the risk of skin damage from unnecessary pressure or friction. With Frames best suited for people with limited mobility or if you prefer to put compression garments on while seated or lying down. To make finding the right appliaction aid easier, try using the various filters below to find the best one for you.

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  1. Sigvaris Donning & Doffing Device Rolly

    Sigvaris Donning & Doffing Device Rolly

    • Available on Prescription
    • A unique device to help put on and take off your compression hosiery
    • The ideal solution for people who need that extra help with their hosiery
    • Suitable for closed/open toe, below knee/thigh length and arm sleeve compression garments

    Please note this product is NOT returnable.

  2. Steve+ Complete Leg Hosiery Application Aid

    Steve+ Complete Leg Hosiery Application Aid

    • Unisex Design
    • Available on Prescription
    • It can easily be taken apart and carried with you.
    • You can easily put on and remove all types of stockings
    • Both sturdy and ingenious the Steve+ Compression Stocking Aid is a great solution
  3. Steve+ Hosiery Application Gloves

    Steve+ Hosiery Application Gloves

    • Unisex Design
    • For maximum grip on your stockings
    • Available in four different sizes, so it fits good for everyone
    • Professional user? The palms of the gloves can be cleaned with alcohol
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