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Skincare tips when wearing face masks

Following social distancing rules, keeping good hand hygiene and avoiding touching areas of your face remain the best ways to protect yourself and others against coronavirus. However, wearing face masks can be a useful further measure to keep each other protected. The latest advice recommends that people should aim to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and when they encounter others who they do not normally meet. This applies to situations like being on public transport or in some shops.

But when it comes to wearing a face mask, especially for longer periods of time, it’s worth thinking about the health of your skin. Whilst face masks can protect against some germs, they can also wreak havoc with your skin.


Wearing a mask for a long period of time can leave skin dry, so it is a good idea to invest more time into your skincare routine when you can. Adding extra steps like serums and face-mists can provide extra moisturisation. Serums and creams that are rich in hyaluronic acid will help maintain moisture levels. Also, when possible try to take breaks from wearing your face mask and use a mist before putting your face mask back on.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is still a must, even when a part of your face is covered by the mask, especially when you’re out and about but also if you’re back in a working environment, as glass windows don’t necessarily block out all UV rays.

Lip Therapy

Even though your lips are covered, they can get dry behind a face mask. Breathing through your mouth can cause chapped lips and other dry ailments. Opt for a lip balm with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E. Formulas with peppermint can also help with breath odour. If you’re concerned about the environment but also cautious of odour, consider a reusable face mask with anti-bacterial properties. Buy your washable face masks / washable face covering with Silvadur odour protection, which can be washed up to 50 times without losing its effectiveness.

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