The Journal Perfect performance when exercising and playing sport – why compression is key

Perfect performance when exercising and playing sport – why compression is key

Whether you play sport competitively or for fun… whether you push yourself to the limit or enjoy low level exercise… whether you are looking for a boost in performance or simply want to recover faster without muscle pain, we have good news for you: you have an ally.

By wearing compression socksshutterstock_129835316 (1), stockings or tights, you can enjoy improvements to how you perform and enjoy your sporting and outdoor activities. It may be a surprise to you, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits wearing compression for sport products can bring you:

Improved circulation – compression helps you warm up faster and perform better by producing improved blood circulation. The secret is in the graduated compression that encourages blood flow from your feet and legs back up to your heart.

Reduced fatigue – the biggest form of muscle fatigue when exercising is muscle oscillation, or the forces that cause your muscles to vibrate. Wearing compression garments reduces this movement, leading to better muscle strength, power and endurance.

Heightened agility – proprioception is the ability to sense the position, location, orientation and movement of your body and its parts. Wearing compression garments can enhance proprioception, increasing stability and agility. Proprioception can also help improve your technique by keeping you aware of your body’s positioning, improving balance and muscle coordination.

Reduced muscle damage – wearing compression products can significantly reduce the onset of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This is because compression fabric contains your muscles, which in turn reduces muscle damage during exercise and minimize swelling afterwards.

Clearly, wearing compression for sport and exercise can help your perform better and recover quicker. The type of compression garment you choose of course depends on you and your sport or exercise. Thankfully, you will find a large choice of compression socks, compression stockings and compression tights for men and women at, together with plenty of advice on choosing and wearing compression garments.

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