Blog Face Coverings to be Mandatory on Public Transport

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Checklist for leaving the house

Checklist for leaving the house The UK is currently on the way to easing lockdown, but there are a number of ways you can stay safe even when going outside. Concerned families who want to avoid catching coronavirus can keep…

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Should I Wear A Face Mask?

Should I Wear A Face Mask? There are varying rules and advice in different countries around the world when it comes to wearing face masks. Currently, the UK government does recommend the public to wear ‘face protection’ in places where…

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What type of face mask should I buy?

What type of face mask should I buy? Social distancing, good hand hygiene and avoiding touching areas of your face remain the best ways to protect yourself and others against coronavirus. However, face masks can be a useful additional measure…

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Commonly encountered compression problems solved

Here our Daylong expert provides advice on commonly encountered compression garment problems. If you have a problem with your garment, write to us at and we will try to help. Q – Why does my compression garment roll when…

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Wear it well: why the fit of your garment matters

Wear it well

Several studies have highlighted that most people who are prescribed compression don’t fully understand the benefits of wearing it. For lower limb compression garments to work effectively, they must fit well. Here we highlight how compression therapy works and why…

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Essential skin care in five easy steps

A pair of legs showing smooth healthy skin

TOP TIP Stay hydrated The skin has a large water content, and when well hydrated, is plump and more resilient. Aim to drink 6–8 glasses of water a day to boost your skin health. 1. Cleanse Wash your skin daily…

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Made to Measure Stockings

Credenhill, in association with Daylong, offers one of the UK’s leading Made to Measure compression hosiery services with a 40 working hour turnaround and a choice between stylesOur Made to Measure service is unrivaled on quality and has been used…

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