The Journal Time to pull their socks up: Medical stockings that have a damaging effect

Daylong is part of the UK’s leading compression hosiery specialist with over 50 years of experience in its field of expertise. The leading company in compression hosiery with links to the medical community and a rapidly growing customer base.

Daylong stocks some of the biggest names in the business with the most diverse product range and are renowned for being the best there is.

A must-have for a mum-to-be

Why maternity support tights and maternity socks are so helpful in pregnancy As if mums-to-be haven’t enough on their plates. There’s the tiredness. The extra weight. The changes to your body. And does the world stop for you while you…

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What kind of a person are you?

When it comes to our legs, we’re all different. The kind of person we are makes all the difference to what we’re putting our legs through. Depending on our lifestyle, our circumstances and even our personality, our legs are going…

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Ten steps to healthier legs

We all know how easy it is to get problems with our legs. Standing too much. Walking too far. Sitting in the same place for ages, especially when travelling. They all seem to lead to tired aching legs at some…

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