The Journal Our flight socks are big hits with rock stars!

Our flight socks are big hits with rock stars!

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Summer may be over but the Daylong team were lucky enough to catch some last rays of sunshine when we jetted off (in our own flight socks of course) for a promotional opportunity in sunny Corfu.

Credenhill and Daylong, together with our Managing Director Paul Grove, provide support for an annual music festival (Known as Agiotfest) on the island and this year as sponsors we took the opportunity to proudly promote our flight socks to festival revellers.


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The music festival, set in the beautiful village of Agios Ioannis, attracts more and more people each year. The village Taverna serves traditional food and drink and is a wonderful place to watch the world go by. The village has provided a friendly welcome and warm family atmosphere, to visitors, for over 40 years. This year’s headliners at Agiotfest were ‘The Troggs’, best known for their hit single ‘Wild Thing’. Support acts included Vince Vortex and the Cucumbers, Omega 5, Heather Skinner and from Greece X-Lovers. It was great to find common ground on the subject of flight  socks between Daylong and ‘The Troggs’ – bass player Pete Staples is a big fan and he told us he always wears flight socks on long flights!  During the festival, Daylong offered a discount on flight socks. We soon had a Scotsman modelling the flight socks for us.  He had travelled to Corfu for Krav Maga training (an Israeli self-defence technique). This was particularly relevant to Daylong because as well as being of benefit on long haul flights, our flight socks can be used both during and after exercise sessions.  They help your muscles receive more oxygen enriched blood and recover more quickly by reducing post exercise muscle fatigue.

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Kicking off just after sunset, creating a beautiful setting for the live music, the festival was a fantastic event, with guests arriving from all parts of Corfu. The packed dance floor was a clear sign that everyone had a brilliant time. It is a shame that it only takes place once a year – hopefully Daylong will see you all next year!

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