The Journal Dr Rob’s Hicks top 10 tips for leg health

Dr Rob’s Hicks top 10 tips for leg health

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Celebrity doctor Rob Hicks follows up his recent radio show on maintaining healthy legs – during which he frequently recommended Daylong compression tights, stockings and socks – with his top 10 tips for keeping your legs happy and healthy:

1. Keep active – Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time to lessen the chance of varicose veins developing, or becoming even worse.

2. Healthy weight – Achieve a healthy weight as carrying too much fat, particularly around the middle, increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which damage the circulation. healthy diet

3. Elevate legs – As often as possible as this helps improve circulation. For example, during pregnancy get into the habit of doing this so when baby arrives you’ll be putting your legs up without even thinking about it.

4. Play footsie – Perform simple leg exercises such as ‘foot circles’ and ‘ankle flexes’ whilst sitting down, whether that’s whilst travelling or when sat at your desk. Play footsie with your partner when eating together.

5. Consider compression hosiery – To help relieve the discomfort of tired achy legs, for example due to varicose veins, and help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Daylong offers a wide range of medically developed fashionable compression hosiery so you can forget about any ‘Nora Batty’ associations!

6. Stop smoking – Smoking damages the circulation and also makes varicose veins more likely.

7. Have a check-up – If you have leg symptoms that you can’t explain, or if symptoms are affecting your day-to-day life.

8. Have a massage – Give your tired achy legs a gentle massage, or better still get some else to do it for you.

9. 5-minute breaks – Take a five-minute break each hour to go for a walk or to march on the spot. Whether you spend the day sat at a desk, or on your feet, make sure to move about for at least 5 minutes each hour.

10. Eat a healthy diet – Important for achieving a healthy weight as being overweight increases the risk of varicose veins and tired achy legs. Make sure your diet is rich in fibre, fruit and vegetables, and low in fat and sugar.

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  1. I have been prescribed thigh length compression hosiery but find them awkward under trousers. Is there any down side to wearing knee highs as I feel this would be a better route for me. I am a bit concerned about that the knee highs may cause restriction around the knee area causing varicose to form about the knee.

  2. Thanks for your question. The decision as to which style you should you be wearing is normally made by your medical professional. Our thigh length garments are suggested for patients who have varicose veins or swelling above the knee. We suggest that you ask your medical professional if a below knee stocking would be suitable for your medical condition. We should like to point out that the below knee style is designed not to cause constriction just below the knee, providing you are fitted with the correct size. We hope you find this information useful.

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