The Journal Do not take flight without flight socks

Do not take flight without flight socks

It’s that time of year when we take to our travels. The holiday season sees everyone spending more time on planes, trains, coaches, buses and cars. And while arriving is great fun, getting there (and getting back) can be literally a pain for many people.

The discomfort is all down to being forced to sit for long periods of time, with little opportunity for movement or stretching our legs. This lack of movement is what is behind the threat of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a painful condition of the legs which as well as being extremely uncomfortable, can in the worst cases even prove fatal.

DVT occurs when blood pools in your ankles and lower legs, slowing blood flow and potentially causing clots which can lodge in your lungs or brain. The graduated compression present in our flight socks forces the blood back up to your heart, improving your blood circulation.

So if you regularly fly for two hours or more, or have a problem with swollen ankles or tired legs, or even if varicose veins run in your family, you need a bit of help when travelling. For many Daylong customers, that help comes in the form of flight socks, which dramatically reduce the threat of DVT.

venosan-supportline-womens-compression-socks-1On a long journey, wearing our flight socks means you can put deep DVT worries behind you. They’re comfortable and good looking too, as is clear when you see our VENOSAN® Supportline flight socks for men and for women. They are are the ideal way to combine great looks with relief from leg pain.

The moderate graduated compression helps relieve swollen ankles and is effective against DVT, varicose veins and oedema. They relieve all kinds of leg pain, and are ideal you have to sit or stand for long periods when travelling.

These flight socks don’t just work well, they look great too. Knitted using top quality yarn, the sleek venosan-supportline-mens-compression-socks-3and fashionable styling is both durable and comfortable. With a soft stretch top to prevent the socks digging into your skin, VENOSAN® Supportline flight socks for men and for women are available in two attractive and fashionable colours. Why not take a closer look?


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