The Journal Compression hosiery gets glossy!

Compression hosiery gets glossy!

It’s no surprise to us that compression hosiery is going from strength to strength. We’re seeing the health benefits of wearing compression tights, stockings and socks being recognised by more and more people all the time. But with compression hosiery now increasingly featuring in glossy fashion magazines, it seems the message about its fashionable good looks is also getting through.Repos 70 Opaque Tight

It’s great news for everyone with tired, aching legs, who can now choose to wear compression hosiery without feeling they have to compromise on style.

Take our brand new Repos range, offered by leading Italian manufacturer Oroblu. Similar to products stocked by high street retailer M&S, the Repos range takes compression hosiery to a new level of comfort, style and versatility.

With extra light compression to help alleviate poor circulation and boost tired and aching legs – all the hosiery in the range has a compression rating of just 6-12mmHg – Repos is the ideal choice for anyone who has never tired compression hosiery before.

But it’s in their sleek good looks that Repos compression hosiery really comes into its own. Made in Italy, renowned as the style capital of Europe, Repos compression hosiery is elegant, stylish and perfect for evening wear. Its glossy packaging makes it an ideal gift for a mum, wife or girlfriend too.

With an amazingly low launch price, Repos compression hosiery is available as sheer tights in 40 and 70 DEN, opaque tights in 70 DEN, and as knee highs in 70 DEN, as well as in a choice of two attractive colours, black to make a mark and nude for a more natural look.G7229_repos 40_794.indd

With new Repos, compression hosiery is getting glossy. Which is not surprising, when you look at where this exciting new range comes from. In the fashion stakes, Orbolu’s credentials are impeccable. As part of the CSP International Fashion Group, one of the world’s leading players in hosiery in underwear and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, Oroblu is building on a fashion heritage that is clear in all of its products, not least of all Repos.

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