Blog Checklist for leaving the house

Checklist for leaving the house

The UK is currently on the way to easing lockdown, but there are a number of ways you can stay safe even when going outside. Concerned families who want to avoid catching coronavirus can keep themselves safe even if forced to go outside. We’ve rounded-up some top tips for keeping your family safe when you leave your house

Go cashless

The World Health Organisation (WHO) are urging people to use contactless payments in a bid to “reduce the risk of transmission”. Using your bank card instead of cash is advised, with the contactless limit rising from £30 to £45.

Women shopping while wearing a daylong face mask beige

Carry hand Sanitizer

You can’t always avoid touching things while outside, from door handles and goods in the supermarket. As soon as you’re done with shopping or other activities that involve touching objects, use hand sanitiser instantly to help stop the virus from spreading. It is also advisable to sanitise your steering wheel on a regular basis.

Wear a Face Mask

The government recently published a 50-page document about the steps to be taken on the road to easing lockdown in England. In this document, they advised the public to wear face coverings in crowded places. These should fit snugly but comfortably against the sides of the face, being secured with loops of ties. The fabric must also be made from breathable material that can be washed and machine dried without damage to the shape of the mask.

Women shopping while wearing a daylong face mask beige

You can find environmentally-friendly, comfortable and washable face mask from daylong. They’re soft and made from skin-friendly tri-flex fabric that have effective antibacterial properties. Made with Silvadur technology, these face masks stay fresh and protected from odours. The technology is able to withstand high temperatures, extending the useful life of every treated mask. A great reusable option, the masks can be washed x 50 times without losing effectiveness. They’re also affordable at only £15 per face mask (30p per wear).

Wash your hands and clothes when you return home

As soon as you get in the door, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before touching anything else. It’s also advised that you keep your outdoor clothes away from all of your other clothes and ensure that when washing them, you opt for a high temperature to kill off the virus.