British Standard Compression Hosiery

What does British Standard Compression mean?

This is a manufacturing standard that companies need to conform to regarding yarns, labelling, product durability (wash / wear) and compression profile. The specification standardises and regulates the category as a medical compression garment.

‘British Standard BS 6612:1985 and conforms to Drug Tariff Technical Specification No. 40 for the provision of Class I, II and III graduated compression’.

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Class I – Light (mild) support – 14–17mmHg compression at the ankle: For treatment/prevention of superficial or early varices, varicosis during pregnancy, swollen or aching legs and ankles, can also be used for long distance travel.

Class II – Medium (Moderate) support – 18–24mmHg compression at the ankle: For treatment of varices of medium severity, venous leg ulcers and prevention of recurrence, mild oedema, varicosis during pregnancy.

Class III – Strong support 25–35mmHg compression at the ankle: For treatment of gross varices, post thrombotic venous insufficiency, gross oedema, venous leg ulcer and prevention of recurrence.


Activa® is the UK’s NO.1 selling British Standard compression hosiery brand offering consumers a choice of colours and attractive styles that are luxurious, comfortable and light to wear. Activa® compression hosiery is available in many styles, below knee, socks, thigh length and tights. The comprehensive range offers a choice of garments to suit your compression needs and support your leg health.

Product benefits

  • Variants available – below knee, socks, thigh length, tights
  • Open or closed toe
  • Machine washable
  • Latex free
  • Colours: sand, honey, black, brown* and patterned/black*

*Class 2 unisex sock only (“patterned” socks only available in black)


Altiform is manufactured in the UK. Altiform has been designed to give exceptional stretch which makes them easy to slip over the heel and ankle while maintaining the required compression. The stockings have a unique elasticated toe and heel for extra comfort and the fabric is soft, light and feels silky smooth to the touch.

Product benefits

  • Below knee and thigh length
  • Open or closed toe
  • Machine washable
  • Latex free
  • Colours: sand and black
  • Made to measure available (please contact Daylong)


Credalast® British Standard Compression garments come in standard sizes and made to measure. The range has been designed to be comfortable with all the health benefits of compression therapy. Credalast® standard ranges comes in two fabric types. Credalast Cotton – 100% cotton against the skin so ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin and Credalast Nylon (or Comfort) which is an easy to apply classic looking garment.

Product benefits

  • Below knee, thigh length and thigh with waist attachment
  • Open or closed toe** (cotton only available in open toe)
  • Machine washable
  • Latex free
  • Climate Effect technology – available with Credalast Velvet MTM only

*Waist attachment not available on prescription

**Closed toe standard sizes only available in class 1

DuoMed Soft

DuoMed soft combines ideal wearing properties and appropriate medical compression whilst maintaining the look and feel of a non-medical stocking. As they contain polyamide threads, they are light to wear, comfortable and breathable.

Product benefits

  • Below knee and full thigh length available with grip top
  • Open or closed toe
  • Machine washable
  • Latex free
  • Colour: sand & black

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