Acti Lymph Class 1 Below Knee Stockings 18-21 mmHg

Developed especially for Lymphoedema, ActiLymph® garments have been designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. EU Compression Class 1. 18-21 mmHg

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The development of ActiLymph Arm sleeves and Hosiery means that a range of specially designed garments are available in the community for the first time. EU Compression Class 1. 18-21 mmHg

By using a combination of new yarns and the latest technology they deliver the correct compression levels and fabric stiffness needed to manage lymphoedema, conforms well to the limb shape providing correct support, climate and comfort - while managing limb swelling.

The range available on Drug Tariff and to buy will enable more people with Lymphoedema and lymphovenous disease to be treated and for their quality of life to improve dramatically.

Always remember to buy two pairs, one to wear one to wash
Before purchasing hosiery, Activa recommend that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. If so, your legs will then need to be measured to obtain the correct size and to ensure that the hosiery works properly and feels comfortable

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ProductCode Colour Size Toe Length PIP Code
AC/LYM1BKPETLSandLargeClosed ToePetite317-3598
AC/LYM1BKPETMSandMediumClosed ToePetite317-3580
AC/LYM1BKPETSSandSmallClosed ToePetite317-3572
AC/LYM1BKPETXLSandExtra LargeClosed ToePetite317-3606
AC/LYM1BKSTDLSandLargeClosed ToeStandard317-3556
AC/LYM1BKSTDMSandMediumClosed ToeStandard317-3549
AC/LYM1BKSTDSSandSmallClosed ToeStandard317-3531
AC/LYM1BKSTDXLSandExtra LargeClosed ToeStandard317-3564
AC/LYM1BKSDBLXLBlackExtra LargeClosed ToeStandard342-8182
AC/LYM1BKSTBKXXLBlackExtra Extra LargeClosed ToeStandard342-8190
AC/LYM1BKSTDBLKLBlackLargeClosed ToeStandard342-8174
AC/LYM1BKSTDBLKMBlackMediumClosed ToeStandard342-8166
AC/LYM1BKSTDBLKSBlackSmallClosed ToeStandard342-8158
LYM1BKOTSTBLKLBlackLargeOpen ToeStandard342-8224
LYM1BKOTSTDBLKSBlackSmallOpen ToeStandard342-8208
LYM1BKOTSTDBLKXLBlackExtra LargeOpen ToeStandard342-8232
LYM1BKOTSTDBLXXLBlackExtra Extra LargeOpen ToeStandard342-8240
AC/LYM1BKSTDXXLSandExtra Extra LargeClosed ToeStandard336-8834
AC/LYM1BKOTSTBLMBlackMediumOpen ToeStandard342-8216
AC/LYM1BKOTSTDLSandLargeOpen ToeStandard336-9428
AC/LYM1BKOTSTDMSandMediumOpen ToeStandard336-9410
AC/LYM1BKOTSTDSSandSmallOpen ToeStandard336-9402
AC/LYM1BKOTSTDXLSandExtra LargeOpen ToeStandard336-9436
AC/LYM1BKOTSTXXLSandExtra Extra LargeOpen ToeStandard336-9444


VENOSAN® 5001 Below Knee (AD) 18-21 mmHg

Antibacterial compression stockings , Moderate compression of 18-21mmHg, Effective against lymphoedema , Ideal for active men and women, Elastic lycra makes them easy to put on, Anti-static, breathable and comfortable,

VENOSAN® 5001 Below Knee (AD) 18-21 mmHg


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  • Marokko
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